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Chocolate Bonbons 2017 __HOT__

Inspired by the passion and commitment of many Colorado fine local breweries, wine makers, and distillers. Piece, Love & Chocolate set out to create a collection of chocolates that would honor that passion and showcase each of these fine artisan craft products. This 16-piece box of our Colorado Spirits Collection is the culmination of these incredible partnerships and a celebration of Colorado craft food and beverage creation. Cheers!

chocolate bonbons 2017

From at least the time of the Aztecs, chocolate has been seen as an aphrodisiac. So it's reasonable to assume that it has been connected to love's dedicated day of celebration for many centuries. But, that isn't the case.

Mugs of the frothy drink proved immediately popular back in Spain. And chocolate was embraced with equal passion when it traveled beyond Spain's borders, going to Italy, France (perhaps in 1615, when Anne of Austria, chocolate lover and daughter of the Spanish king, married Louis XIII), and, step by step, across Europe.

Stubbe not only advocated the drink, but often prepared it for the insatiable Charles II, whose notorious appetite for sex was matched only by that for chocolate. In 1669, the merry monarch, England's first chocoholic, spent 229 10s. 8d. on chocolate. That's significantly more than he spent on tea (just 6), or even what his chief mistress received for an allowance (200). For most people, though, chocolate was still an extravagance out of reach.

By the time the more staid reign of Queen Victoria began in 1837, that had changed. Valentine's Day was hitting its stride, thanks to the rise of the inexpensive penny post and mass-produced cards, and chocolate had become affordable to the middle class. Its popularity was soaring.

Tapping into the Victorian fondness for ornamentation, Richard Cadbury launched "Fancy Boxes" of chocolates in 1861. Inside, under a heavily decorated lid, assorted bonbons filled with marzipan, chocolate-flavored ganache and fruity crèmes nestled in lace doilies.

It was Cadbury that first linked Valentine's Day with those heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates nestled in lace doilies. Here, women work on a production line at Cadbury's in England in 1966. Mirrorpix/Getty Images hide caption

Modern science has found little evidence of chocolate's purported libido-boosting properties. (That's not say it doesn't have highly potent psychological ones.) Regardless, for holiday celebrants, chocolate retains its allure.

Marana's single origin chocolate bars are artisanally made in Peru of Peruvian cacao. This not only benefits local cacao farmers and the workers in Peru who make the chocolate as well as their families, but it also gives Marana the best quality control opportunity allowing optimum processing of each cacao type to bring out the best characteristics in the chocolate.

Marana goes beyond single country of origin cacao for their chocolate. They specialize in Peruvian cacao regional origins, using cacao from three different growing areas (San Martin, Piura and Cusco) to make a range of chocolate bars with characteristics unique to each area. They are all wonderful and give you the opportunity to refine your flavor note selection to the one you like the best!

Cyril Lignac is an acclaimed pastry chef and the host of Le Meilleur Pâtissier, the French equivalent to the Great British Bake-Off. His latest venture is a boutique entirely devoted to chocolate. On Instagram, and I have seen chocolate bars in gorgeous, colorful wrappers, pralines, and bonbons.

Chef Alain Ducasse opened his bean-to-bar operations in Paris a few years ago. I was not too crazy about his Colombia bar but French writer Martin Page swears by the unconched chocolate, so I plan on giving a try.

Yes, Pierre Marcolini is from Belgium but for those of us who cannot take the trip to Brussels, we can always head to one of his Paris shops. A pioneer of the bean-to-bar movement, Marcolini is also the author of an imposing book about chocolate, which my friend Penny recently reviewed.

How is chocolate made? Find that out in my latest post on the Choco Rush blog. A big thank you to Ecole Chocolat and Megan Giller of Chocolate Noise for providing the fun and educational graphics, including the one here. Happy reading!

6 of our award winning salted caramel chocolate bonbons, presented in our elegant green gift box, with zero plastic. Each bonbon has a 70% dark chocolate shell with a soft salted caramel chocolate ganache centre.

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Fannie May Confection Brands, Inc. is an American chocolate manufacturer headquartered in Chicago and currently owned by Italian company Ferrero SpA.[1] Fannie May manufactures a broad variety of products including enrobed, barks, caramels, squares, berries, twist wrapped, molded, flow wrapped, and boxed chocolates. In attempt to reach all consumers, Fannie May became allergy conscious, carrying candy without gluten, milk, honey, oil(s), wheat, eggs, etc.[2] The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America certified many of Fannie May's products to be kosher as well.[3][4]

In April 2006, Fannie May was sold for $85 million plus an earnout to publicly traded Internet retailer[10] The chocolates and candy continued to be manufactured Ohio under the name Fannie May Confections Brands Inc, while the Fanny May corporate headquarters remained in Chicago.

In March 2017 the Italian confectionery giant Ferrero SpA bought Fannie May and Harry London from, for $115 million.[11] At the time Ferrero indicated that it hoped to expand Fannie May beyond its currently regional market.[12][13][14]

Based in Toronto, Pho co-founded Sambirano Valley Chocolat, a premium Madagascar pure origin couverture chocolate, which contains a very high percentage of cocoa butter. He also created the Canadian Intercollegiate Chocolate Competition, held at Humber College in Toronto, and oversaw the Canadian selection and coaching for the highest distinction of the international chocolate competition.

A client of Micelli, Pho is deeply invested in educating, inspiring and empowering his successors. To learn more about what fuels Pho and the intention of the Chocolate Technology Center to grow, influence and pioneer the future of chocolate, we had to pick his forward-thinking brain.

"The magic that happens when all the ingredients come together to give you a 10 gram sweet that combines flavor, texture and visual art. The chocolate bonbon is architecture of both taste and art."

How has Micelli Chocolate Molds helped you in your chocolate-making business?"Micelli has helped me for many years with its service and the quality of its polycarbonate injection molds. Their attention to detail and ability to listen to the customer helps to create the right prototype the first time. That saves us a lot of time on any type of project. Their delivery is always on time and they have fair pricing!"

"Single origin is actually not the most important aspect to me. The origin of the bean at the purest this is the most important for me. As you may know they have more than 100 varieties of cocoa bean, with grafting and other techniques, to help increase the yield per hectare. I am not criticizing this practice, I just personally believe in our practice of sourcing of the finest and purest bean for my chocolate. To achieve our belief we have no choice but to start with selecting the purest species to be true to the origin of the tree, not the origin of the country. It makes a big difference in final product. Also, I felt in love with the country."

NUUBIA SF is a local Bay Area artisan chocolatier making fine confections hand crafted from precious, humanely sourced ingredients. They love making fine chocolates, putting smiles on peoples faces, and giving people a peek into the world of fine chocolatiers.

When ready, melt the candy melts and chocolate in separate bowls. Dip the frozen balls with one side in the candy melts and one side in the chocolate. (Dip in batches to keep the balls frozen while you dip them). Place them back onto the lined baking sheet and refrigerate until set. Serve from the refrigerator. (The recipe says not to refrigerate for more than 10 minutes, but mine were way too soft at room temperature. Maybe it would be okay if your house was colder?) 041b061a72


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