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I Am For The Hippopotamus Movie Download

Two likable adventurers played by Hill and Spencer against the nasty Joe Bugner , an ex-boxer and big game hunter who dedicates himself to illegal smuggling . Entertaining and amusing African adventure with several comic touches . This time Terence Hill and Bud Spencer as brave adventurers in Africa taking on lots of dangers and feats against a group of hoodlums . Thin and blonde man named Slim (Terence Hill) and stocky , bearded fatty named Tom ( Bud Spencer ) team up again as the valiant duo . The agreeable crew makes a new adventure movie with plenty of fist-play , action and entertainment , though only for Hill and Spencer fans . This amusing film deal with our intimate friends in Africa , they're nowadays two tourist swindlers , the blue-eyes and sympathetic Terence Hill and the grumpy and goofy Bud Spencer . There happens numerous adventures and silly struggles against nasties led by Ormond (Joe Bugner) a wildlife smuggler who takes animals to carry them to abroad menageries.This amusing , engaging movie is crammed of fist-fights , punches , slaps , kick-ass , moving stunt-work , colorful African outdoors and lots of humor . The picture is realized in similar style to Africa Express and Safari Express by Duccio Tessari with Giuliano Gemma . Terence Hill is top-notch as attractive freewheeling trader of goods with a dream , to save enough money and Bud Spencer is enjoyable in charge of a curious tourism agency ; meanwhile , both of whom taking on a group of smugglers . The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times , but frenetic fight-sequences and a lot of fun make up for it , besides includes a chimp getting into mischief , pranks , frolics and antics . It's an entertaining romp with full of brawls , including amusing leaps and jumps . This is a nice and funny juvenile story for Hill and Spencer enthusiasts , as they are delightful and likable . It packs action, fist-play, slapdash, humor with tongue-in-cheek and is quite bemusing . This release has some cool sketches and several hilarious moments , adding wonderful African landscapes . The film isn't always good , sometimes is fresh and diverting and on a couple of memorable occasions , it's frankly delicious. The movie displays innumerable laughters , jokes and slapstick . Catching and commercial musical score with marvelous leitmotif by Rizzati in Guido and Maurizio De Angelis style , including some beautiful songs , the first of them sung by Bud Spencer . The motion picture picture was compellingly directed by Italo Zingarelli who produced the Hill-Spencer's greatest hits as They call me Trinity , Trinity is still my name and other Spaghettis as The five man army, Johnny Yuma and Peplum as The seven Spartans, The invincible gladiator , The secret seven , Ursus, and several others . This is a passable entertaining juvenile that will appeal to Italian comedy buffs. Rating : 6/10. Acceptable and passable but only for Hill and Spencer fans.

I Am For The Hippopotamus Movie Download


"Io sto con gli ippopotami" or "I'm for the Hippopotamus" or "Das Krokodil und sein Nilpferd" is a co-production between Italy and South Africa from 1979, so this one had its 40th anniversary last year. Yep, it's still 2020. The South African impact here probably mostly comes from where this film is set. The language is Italian all along. Maybe some of the actors are also Soth African, which could explain why so many cast members here, also some who really had a lot of screen time, have never been in any films before or after this movie we got here. The central language here is Italian though, even if there is also English included apparently. I do not really know where because I watched the German dub and in here the language was German from beginning to end. Actually, by now with all I have seen, I'd probably have a hard time to get used to Spencer's original voice or an English dub. But it's okay as I don't have to. At minimally over 90 minutes, it is definitely one of his shorter, probably even shortest movies. But at the same time, it is also one of my very favorites. I have seen this film many times already and even if I maybe did not like it as much today as I did on other occasions, there is still no way I will ever think about giving this one anything other than a genuinely positive recommendation. I will mention a few nice moments and scenes later on. As for the basics, the director here is Italo Zingarelli and he is also one of the four writers. Really a lot for this rather short films. But I think that Italian films in general often have more writers than films from most other countries. This includes Germany as well. By the way, look at the German title. It's the only one from those I mentioned that includes Hill's character as well. The reason is that the dub changed it a bit even for us here. The characters are nicknamed hippo and crocodile and that's how they keep calling each other. The international title and Italian title only make a reference to standing (up) for hippos. Which is still cool as I like these animals a lot. I know they can be pretty dangerous and certainly I would not run into one in the wild, but one of my favorite stuffed animals as a child, maybe even my number one, was a hippo. Still is obviously. And let's be honest: The picture here on imdb really has Spencer look like a hippo standing in the water there. At least more than Hill looks like a crocodile. But this fits too. Spencer is big and strong. Hill is fast and strong. As for Zingarelli again, he still lived for quite some time after this film, but it is a bit surprising to see him as a director here because he produced a lot, but really directing films was a big exception. This was also already from pretty late in his career. But it's no exception that Spencer movies are directed by people who often mostly work in other fields of production. As for the basics still, take a look at the cast here. I already said that many cast members are pretty unknown and we don't know what they did before and after this film, but it seems they were no professional actors, at least no professional movie actors, but I assume back in 1979 there weren't that many films produced in South Africa that they had a chance to make a living this way. They probably had other jobs. For example, even the key henchman is played by sombody who wasn't in anything else. Johan Naude is the name. All we know is he died in 2010. Or Les Marcowitz, the small foul-mouthed antagonist. He also appeared in one other movie. That is all we know. But Joe Bugner I have to mention. He is the main villain here. He boxed, Ali several times, Frazier once as well, so a really world-famous athlete. I guess this explains why is at least somewhat capable of standing up to Spencer in their comedic fight before he falls into the water at the end. Interesting addition for sure, especially because he is not South African or anything.Alright, this film delivered on many occasions. I will mention some now. The end is of course so nice when all these animals get to be free. There are so many animals in here honestly, I can't even mention them all. Ostrichs for example too I did not remember. But it is fitting with the title that fauna is crucial in here. I love animals! One aspect I also genuinely enjoyed was the music. Spencer's "Grau Grau Grau" with the kids is so much fun and also a really uplifting number and the Shosholoza version you can hear in the final half hour several times is so nice that I even got it on my MP3 player. Added it a long time ago after seeing this film. That's how much I like it. As for an individually great scene or moment, my number one is probably really short and small. Like when we have a bad guy throw a knife right next to Hill's character's hand during that casino sequence. And Spencer says something like "hey careful, that's not a cheese sandwich". I have no idea why, but I found this so incredibly funny. It's the typical comedy of how they comment lightly on something actually pretty dangerous. Love it. By the way, they get attacked with knives here a lot. Normally, blades are not too common in Spencer and Hill movies. One character, it may have been the bald henchman, also attacks Spencer with a knife earlier and it ends up in the bad guy's foot. Oh well. I think all the henchmen here were somewhat fun because you could easily remember them from their looks (and behavior), even if they did not have a lot of material. I already mentioned the aggro dwarf. Also this film here seems really progressive in terms of tolerance. They were definitely trying all they could to not cause any race trouble. The two (who are cousins here by the way) have this elderly woman in their lives who is Black, not their real mother, but a bit of a mother figure if you can say so because she also is not feature too prominently in here. And the two heroes beat up the White cops, but then step out and they have all these guns pointed at them from the Black folks with their rifles. And the mess at the courtroom also happens to White folks. They even mentioned the prosecutor is one of the villain's guys. By the way, we see early on how the villain acts really disrespectfully towards an old partner, his coach or something, and there we know already we are supposed to dislike him. We shall remember because then the character was gone for a long time again, it was just his introduction basically before he got featured more frequently in the second half. Anyway, what I mean is there is a lot of tolerance towards Blacks and animals in this film. The scene with the gun was funny too like when Spencer's character says the bullets are all fake and then shoots and destroys a tire because with his own gun he forgot to replace the actual bullets. And his tourist group heard it and they were not happy at all. Not because they were the only ones that got shot at with real bullets (instead of the animals), but because


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