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Aristocrat Slots - 4 Games Pc Game

The convention is taking place this week at the Sands Expo Center and is the world's largest for the gaming industry. An estimated 25,000 people are expected to try out new games and learn about emerging technologies that likely will make their way into Las Vegas casinos over the next year.

aristocrat slots - 4 games pc game


Slot machine developers know that games featuring celebrities (Michael Jackson or KISS) and famous brands (NASCAR and Big Buck Hunter) are sure to attract crowds. Now, designers at Bally Technologies are betting that slots with interesting but unknown characters will resonate with players.

"These are the games that are our bread and butter," Bally spokesman Mike Trask said. "And it's different. It's safe to say there's no other game where you have two obese cats that fight each other and give you money."

It introduced a Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) game last year and this year is introducing games such as Fiesta Chihuahua and Tango de Oro, which give people the option of playing in Spanish. Similar games offer other languages for different cultures.

Big Fish operates an extensive portfolio of popular games across genres, including EverMerge, Cooking Craze, Gummy Drop, Big Fish Casino, Jackpot Magic Slots, and Fairway Solitaire. Our core values: All about the player, Talent Unleashed, Collective Brilliance and Good Business, Good Citizen.


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