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About Us

It’s Great to Meet You

At Neptune Beverage, we believe that each bottle deserves a signature taste to remember by. We serve the global community by introducing a diverse range of distilled spirits. Neptune Beverage exports worldwide and produces cultural-specific spirits. We work with traditional distilleries to produce Chinese Baijiu, a liquor imbued with both traditional & symbolic omens, and plays a significant role throughout Chinese history. We also carry an assortment of international spirits, which commonly includes Whisky, Vodka & Gin.
We empower our retailers to create their own exclusive taste and branding experience. As an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Neptune Beverage provides a catalogue of readily available spirits that can be adjusted in terms of product packaging and minor specifications in spirit contents. Be it Chinese Baijiu or European selections such as Whisky or Vodka, Neptune Beverage is equipped to produce and package these spirits. We believe that through a common appreciation for spirits, nations can foster greater understanding amongst contrasting cultures, and build healthier business relations in the years to come.

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An Integral Piece of China's Culture

Brief History
In the first millennium, under the ruling of the Han,Tang and Song Dynasty, Huangjiu was popular among poets and painters. Through the discovery of distillation in the 13th century, Huangjiu was distilled to become Baijiu. As Baijiu spreads throughout the country, farmers and labourers relish the raw power and value of Baijiu. In 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was born, Baijiu was elevated further to become the Republic’s favorite drink.

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An Integral Piece of China's Culture

Introduction to Baijiu
Baijiu, literally translates as ‘white alcohol’, is the national drink of China. Some archaeological discoveries show that Baijiu was drunk as far back as 2000BC, predates any recorded history. Baijiu is not only an important commodity but also very much engrained into China’s history, religion and customs, influencing every facet of its culture.

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An Integral Piece of China's Culture

Modern Day Success
Baijiu has rich historical and cultural heritage, and it is also a modern China success story that has been propelled by fundamental changes in China’seconomy, like rising incomes and growing demand forpremium goods.

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Our Products

What’s In Stock

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陈年老窖酒 (酱香型白酒-老酱香)

龙凤呈祥套装 53% ABV 500ml

LongFeng Aged Baijiu is produced from a complex production process. The finished product includes dozens of vintage aged Baijiu and mixed with multiple combinations of flavourings, the Baijiu is then aged to provide a harmonious mix of the micro organism within the Baijiu. Ancient production method that is passed down from generations is strictly adhered to during the production process  which resulted in a high-end sauce aroma Baijiu. The taste is mellow, a layered taste of herbs and lingering aftertaste with a pleasant fragrance. This is the commitment of brewer, preserving the taste of history, a taste that is original and unmatched and passed down from generation to generation, thus making this product one that is worth appreciating.

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Our Products

Coming Soon!!!

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晶莹汉酝 52% ABV 500ml

"JingYing Han Yun" is a kind of strong (Nong Xiang Xing) flavoured “Daqu” Baijiu, which is one of China’s high-end Baijiu processed from premium raw materials that are only found under a unique ecological environment. Brewed from 5 main ingredients namely: premium sorghum, rice grain, glutinous rice, wheat and corn. It is aged and fermented in old earthen pits tracing all the way back to the Ming Dynasty, giving every sip a smooth and mellow sensation that lingers.

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晶莹晋缘 52% ABV 500ml

"JingYing Qing Lu" is a product that aims to target the high-end wine industry, produced in the city of Luzhou, China. JingYing Qing Lu is not just a Baijiu for consumption but also for purposes such as a collectible and investment. Due to its scarcity nature, this has opened up avenues for consumers to participate in the high-end Baijiu market, extending customisation service to consumers who want their hands on the Strong Aroma Baijiu that is exclusively produced in the city of Luzhou. Baijiu is clear and transparent that gives an elegant aroma, giving a mellow taste and a gentle lasting fragrance.

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The rise of baijiu, the most consumed Chinese spirit in the world

Unlike wine and whisky, baijiu is not typically the kind of spirit one could get on a whim at any restaurant and bar or readily have stocked at home.

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